1. The contractor agreement
1.1. In accordance with the present Contract the Supplier undertakes to transfer the property to the Buyer furniture (hereinafter «Goods»)and the Buyer undertakes to pay for and безаговорчно accept them.
1.2. Delivery of Goods is performed on the basis of applications ( apartment for rent), which will be sent to the Supplier on the prescribed form by Fax or e-mail.
1.3. The number of deployed nomenclature (assortment), the contents and value of Goods indicated in the annexes and/or accounts, invoices and invoices can be made for each consignment, with a mandatory link in this Agreement.

2. The price of goods and terms of payment.
2.1. The price of Goods determined in accordance with the valid price list of the Provider.
2.2. The supplier has the right to change the price of Goods in the course of the year, up and down. The Supplier undertakes to inform the Buyer about the price changes, not later than two weeks before the date of entry of the new prices in action. Goods can be moved to any location on buyer's hotels , apartment or other premises belonging to the buyer the ownership rights.
2.3. Goods payment is made in rubles by means of transferring funds to the settlement account of the Supplier, through 100% pre-payment, unless the Parties have agreed upon another order of payment.

3. The order of delivery.
3.1. Shipment of Goods is made by the Buyer from the Supplier's warehouse. Parties could be agreed and another order of delivery of Goods.
3.2. The buyer negotiates the date of shipment of the Goods from the Supplier, in the manner determined by the Parties. In the absence of approval date of shipment, the Supplier is not liable for violation of terms of delivery of the Goods, the disruption of shipment, and run vehicles and payment of a penalty transport companies.
3.3. When shipping the Goods, the Supplier shall transfer to the Buyer the originals of invoices and invoices. The supplier must ship the furniture to the destination, it is the company for services to the hospitality apartment hotel". In case of a mismatch in the number or range of Goods with the data indicated in the invoice, it must be made mark the received quantity and variety of Goods.
3.4. Reception of the Goods and signing of accompanying documents is performed by the authorised representatives of the Buyer. In case of shipment of Goods through the transport companies, the Buyer shall provide the Supplier power of attorney of the representative of the transport company to receive the Goods.
3.5. The risk of accidental loss of the shipped Goods shall pass from the Vendor to the Purchaser after signing by the Parties of waybills and accompanying documents. After that, the Supplier's obligations to deliver the Goods, shall be deemed fully.

4. Warranties and quality
4.1. The warranty period for the goods is one year.
4.2. Quality, completeness, and packing of furniture must meet the requirements and standards required by the current legislation of the Russian Federation. Furniture is accompanied with quality certificate.
4.3. In case of defects, the Buyer shall notify the Supplier within five days of the act-complaint with the obligatory indication of the nature of marriage, and names, colors, number of defective parts and data labels on the packaging. In some cases, the Supplier may require the Buyer to provide with the act-of complaint to the photo of Novosibirsk or streets where is one or the other furniture.

5. Responsibility Of The Parties.
5.1. In case of improper performance of the obligations, the Party whose right is violated, send the other Party a complaint. Term of consideration of and response to the claim is established in 15 (fifteen) calendar days
5.2. If he fails to fulfil or undue fulfilment of the terms of this Agreement, the Parties bear responsibility in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
5.3. All disputes and differences which may arise between the Parties concerning the lease of apartmentnot found their resolution in the text of the present Agreement shall be settled by negotiations.
5.4. When unable to settle their differences through negotiations, disputes shall be settled by the Arbitration court in order established by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

6. Force majeure
6.1. The parties are released from responsibility to each other for partial or full default of obligations under the present contract in case of occurrence of circumstances of insuperable force (force-major), which the Parties could not foresee and prevent by reasonable measures.
6.2. Of force majeure, the Parties shall notify each other in 10-day's term from the moment of their origin and confirming these facts acts of the relevant authorities.

7. The term of the contract.
7.1. This Agreement shall enter into force upon signature.
7.2. If 30 (thirty) calendar days before the expiration of this Agreement, none of the Parties notifies in writing the other party about the termination of the period of the present Agreement shall be extended for one year.
7.3. This Agreement may be terminated by the Parties unilaterally. real estate Agency in Novosibirsktaking decision on termination of this Agreement, to notify the other party within 30 (thirty) calendar days prior to the date of termination of this Agreement.
7.4. In case of repeated breach of the terms of the present Contract the Supplier to unilaterally terminate this Agreement by notifying in writing to the Buyer for 3 (Three) calendar days prior to its termination.
7.5. Termination of this Agreement shall not relieve the Parties from fulfilling their obligations arising prior to the date of termination.

8. Special conditions
8.1. In accordance with the terms of this agreement, the Buyer must obtain permission of the Seller, the implementation provided by the present contract Goods to third parties acquiring the Product for its further implementation, including using Internet resources.
8.2. The provider sets minimum retail price for the Goods indicated in the price list as suggested retail price of the Goods. The parties sign the protocols of coordination of the minimum retail price of the Goods, within 7 days of its approval by the Supplier price-sheet in the Goods. These protocols are integral parts of the present Contract. The buyer agrees not to sell Goods to third parties, including with the use of the Internet resources at prices lower than agreed. Exceptions are the cases of holding joint PR-actions and campaigns, which are discussed separately.страница не найдена Мы качественно предлагаем вам пошив готовых штор, спецодежды оптом и в розницу, благодаря разнообразию товаров на нашем сайте теперь любой наш клиент сможет сделать заказ имея преимущество как в цене, так и выборе готовых штор, одежды и многих других товаров. Пошив одежды в Новосибирске на сегодняшний день стал новым образованием, все больше и больше молодежи увлекаются этим делом, увлечение со временем перастает в профессию.
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Устойчивость финансового положения предприятия в значительной степени зависит от целесообразности и правильности вложения финансовых ресурсов в активы. Активы динамичны по своей природе. В процессе функ-ционирования предприятий на сайте Демянске и величина активов, и их структура их имеет наиболее общее представление об имеющих место качественных изменениях в структуре средств и их источников, а также ди-намике этих изменений можно получить с помощью анализа финансовой от-четности предприятия.

8.3. In case of violation by the Buyer of 8.1 p.p.., 8.2. the present contract the Supplier has right to unilateral termination of this agreement completely. After sending the Buyer a notification of cancellation of performance of the agreement, this agreement shall be deemed terminated.